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Wulff Group Plc as an Investment

Wulff creates workplaces

Wulff enables working in environments where companies and entrepreneurs operate. Already, people work a lot away from the office: digitalization enables a lot, mobile work creates new requirements for working environments. We offer the industry’s broadest range of products and services that make a workplace. What would you like? We offer our customers workplace products, catering solutions, facility management products and cleaning supplies, office and IT supplies, ergonomics, first aid, and innovative products for worksites. Customers can also acquire international exhibition services from Wulff. In addition to Finland, Wulff Group operates in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Our vision is to be the Nordic business-to-business sales market leader in office supplies and international fair services. Wulff ‘s mission is to be the markets’ most desired partner, and we offer complete solutions that enhance office spaces and promote sales. Wulff has about 200 employees, which of 60 % work in sales and. In the long term, Wulff Group’s aim is to achieve the market leadership in the Nordic countries.

Diverse sales channels and a comprehensive product and service range

It has always been important for Wulff to serve its customers in the best possible ways and to have a positive impact on its customers’ business. Cost savings, and reputation and brand improvement are achieved by bringing customers everyday solutions on how to optimize their office operations and sales. In order to offer its customers current and innovative solutions, Wulff develops its business operations constantly in cooperation with customers

Wulff brings innovative and new solutions and special products to the market and is an efficient provider of basic office products. Wulff’s solutions offer customers cost savings and efficiency in purchase management. Wulff offers its customers the opportunity to do business with Wulff in the most convenient channel, whether it is a customer-specific service model, private meetings, an online webshop or a street-level store.

The Contract Customer concept makes it easier for customers to make regular purchases, while Expertise Sales offer local and personal service to companies of all sizes. Both concepts share the idea of offering the company’s own competence to customers. Comprehensive service promotes customer satisfaction and continuation of the customer relationships.

One of today’s most important business locations is the internet. Contract Customers are served more widely on the internet with customized solutions and the use of web services is constantly growing. Especially micro, small, and medium companies are served online with the webshop Wulffinkulma.fi that has reached new customers continuously. Possibilities brought about by digitalization are in an important role when we develop tomorrow’s operations.

A reliable stock exchange listed company

Wulff Group Plc is the only Nordic listed company in the office supplies field. The Group is enlisted in the Industrial Goods and Services sector of the Nasdaq OMX Helsinki. In terms of market value, it is a Small Cap company.