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Wulff Group Plc’s Financial Reporting

Wulff Group Plc will release the following financial reports in 2024:

Financial Statements Release 2023
Monday February 19, 2024

Annual Report 2023
Friday March 8, 2024

Interim Report, January-March 2024
Silent period: 22.3.-22.4.2024
Release: Monday April 22, 2024

Half-year Report, January-June 2024
Silent period: 18.6.-18.7.2024
Release: Thursday July 18, 2024

Interim Report, January-September 2024
Silent period: 21.9.-21.10.2024
Release: Monday October 21, 2024

The release time is approximately 9:30 a.m. on the release date

Annual General Meeting 2024
The Annual General Meeting of Wulff Group Plc will be held on Thursday April 4, 2024. The notice of the Annual General Meeting will be published separately before the meeting in 2024.

Wulff Group Plc’s financial reports are published in Finnish and in English, and they are available here.


Silent period

Wulff Group Plc (Wulff-Yhtiöt Oyj) applies the silent period principle in its IR communications. During a silent period, Wulff Group Plc does not comment on market prospects or factors affecting business and performance, nor does the company engage in the discussion of events or trends related to the reporting period or the current fiscal period. During such a period, Wulff Group Plc does not pay visits to, or receive them from, analysts, investors or representatives of the media in which such matters are discussed.

A silent period begins at the end of each reporting period, but in no case later than 30 calendar days prior to the disclosure of annual accounts or interim reports, and last until the release of the annual accounts or interim report in question.

Silent periods are announced on the IR Calendar on the company’s website.

Payment of dividend

Wulff Group Plc’s Annual General Meeting held on April 5, 2023 decided to pay a dividend EUR 0.14 per share for the financial year 2022 in total. The record date for the first instalment will be April 12, 2023 and the payment date will be April 21, 2023. For the second instalment, the record date will be October 12, 2023 and the payment date will be October 20, 2023.