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Environmental responsibility and positive climate actions

Wulff's goals of carbon neutrality and a responsible supply chain are strong commitments to positive climate action and environmental responsibility.

Positive climate action

It is important to know the carbon footprint of your actions and choices, reduce it and offset any emissions. However, being aware of and reducing your carbon footprint is only the first step. Wulff aims to ensure that in our own operations and in the range of products and services we offer to customers, we produce future climate benefit from the sale of our products, services or processes - turning a carbon footprint into our own handprint.


Sustainability goals

Wulff's sustainability goals, measures and metrics have been designed together with sustainability service company Third Rock and climate and environmental expert Leo Stranius. It was important for Wulff to set targets for operational development that will have environmental relevance and impact today and in the future. These goals are both challenging and achievable with determination and perseverance.

Wulff is pleased that sustainability is becoming a more important decision-making criterion for an ever-growing number of customers and Wulff stakeholders. This makes sustainability and sustainability projects an inspiring and mutually beneficial pursuit.

More responsible choices for customers

Information, indicators, guidance and encouragement are needed to be more responsible. Wulff has invested in data collection, measurement and communication. As a Wulff client, more responsible behaviour is achievable because you have comprehensive information on the environmental impact of your choices as well as suggestions for making your actions and choices more sustainable.

Wulff has received a lot of positive feedback in Finland for its accurate environmental reporting. For example, CO2 emissions are monitored in contract sales on both a company and customer basis. An environmental calculator calculates the carbon footprint of the operation and shows how much CO2 emissions are offset. Customer-specific CO2 emissions reports have been part of Wulff Contract Sales' standard reporting for a long time. Customers are actively guided towards the lowest possible emissions—which is accomplished along with optimising the volume of deliveries.


Social responsibility, happy Wulffians and a more equal world

At the heart of Wulff social responsibility is equality and leadership. When we succeed in making the world a more equal place, increasing equality and reducing inequality, we increase the experience of being productive members of society. Wulff aims to provide opportunities for meaningful work. That is why discussions about what makes work meaningful for each individual are important and encouraged. For there to be genuine commonality of purpose, there needs to be a sufficient level of alignment between the company's values and its employees as well. A well-centered and happy employee is our company's most important asset.

The well-being and satisfaction of Wulff employees is monitored through an annual staff survey. Wulff employees actively engage in the survey. The Group's job satisfaction has remained at a very good level and in some areas has also developed positively.