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Insiders and Ownership

Wulff Group Plc complies with applicable EU regulations, especially the Market Abuse Regulation (596/2016, “MAR”), and any regulation and guidance given by the European Securities Markets Authority (“ESMA”). Further, the company observes Finnish legislation, especially the Securities Markets Act (746/2012, as amended) and the Finnish Penal Code (39/1889, as amended), including the insider and other guidelines of Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd and the standards and guidance of the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority (“FIN-FSA”) and other authorities.

Managers, according to the definition given by MAR, include the members of the Board of Directors and Group Executive Board members. MAR requires that each manager and his/her closely associated persons notify the company and FIN-FSA of their transactions in the financial instruments of or linked to the company conducted on his/her own account after a total of EUR 5 thousand per calendar year has been reached. The notifications shall be made promptly and no later than three business days after the date of transaction (T+3). Wulff will issue stock exchange releases to disclose information on transactions by managers and their closely associated persons, as specified in MAR.

Since 3 July 2016, Wulff no longer maintains a list of permanent insiders. Instead, all persons involved with insider projects will be listed as project-specific insiders. Project-specific lists will be established and maintained for each project or event constituting inside information, based on a separate decision. All persons working for Wulff, representatives of external entities, shareholders and authorities who have information concerning an insider project or have access to project-specific inside information, as well as persons who are working for the implementation of an insider project, will be entered in a project-specific insider list. Persons that belong a project-specific list are forbidden from trading with the company’s financial instruments during an insider project.

Preparation of periodic disclosure (annual and half-year financial statements, interim reports, financial statements bulletins) or regular access to unpublished financial information is not regarded as an insider project. However, due to the sensitive nature of unpublished information on the company’s financial results, the persons determined by the company, based on their position or access rights, to have authorised access to unpublished financial result information are added to a list of Financial Information Recipients.

Wulff applies an absolute trading prohibition (a ‘closed window’ principle) during a period beginning 30 calendar days before the announcement of each of the periodic financial reports and the year-end report (the financial statements bulletin) and ending at the end of the trading day following the day of publication of such a report. At the minimum, a closed period commences at the end of the reporting period in question. The closed window principle applies to the managers (as defined by MAR) as well as the Financial Information Recipients. The person in charge of Wulff’s insider register is CFO Elina Hanén.