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Wulff’s online services, stores and information about our Contract Customer services.
Workplace products and office supplies, first aid and ergonomics.

WulffNet and MiniBar services for Corporate Customers in Finland

Wulff Contract Customers

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Our services in Lahti area

Wulff Torkkeli

Workplace products and office supplies swiftly and cost-effectively

Contract services for Corporate Customers in Scandinavia

Wulff Supplies

Workplace products and office supplies contract services for Scandinavian customers

Stores in Helsinki, Turku and Lahti

Wulff stores

Everything from coffee to copy paper for small and medium-sized companies and consumers.

Expertise services

Innovations and favourite products, ergonomics and workplace well-being, first-aid products and training, industry-specific special products, and global exhibition design and project management.

First aid products and training

Wulff Care

Expert first aid solutions: products and training. Additionally, solutions for better indoor air with air purifiers and printer maintenance.

Domestic workplace ergonomics

Wulff Ergonomics

Increase your performance and workplace well-being and reduce the number of sick leaves with the correct ergonomic solutions, for example domestic Termi ergonomic products.

Novelties and favourites

Wulff Innovations

Innovative products and new ideas

Print, presentation and imaging products

Wulff Print

Versatile Unibind, TheMagicTouch and Epson large format printing solutions for professionals.

Xyron Pro laminating machines and Permafix covering products

Wulff Naxor

Professional Xyron Pro and Permafx solutions exclusively in the Nordics. Versatile products for paper finishing and unique products for worksites and estates.

LED lighting solutions

Wulff LED

Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly led lighting solutions for offices, worksites, industry, shops, public spaces and housing cooperatives.

International exhibition services

Wulff Entre

An international exhibition service house. All-inclusive exhibition services, best stand locations and surface areas.

Comprehensive printing services

Canon Business Center Vantaa

Canon Business Center printing services, data management solutions, ICT outsourcing services and large format printing in the Helsinki metropolitan area.