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A better world - one workplace at a time

Everything you need for a sustainable and functional working day for the workplace, remote office and mobile work.

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A perfect work day

Aiming for a perfect work day? So do we! We provide you the products which enable better and more responsible working environments—at the office, home, or even the cabin.

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Our responsible choices

Happy Wulffians, carbon neutral Wulff and our carbon neutral products: our sustainability goals and actions build and support proactive climate action, equality, economic growth, and fulfilling jobs.

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Wulff as an investment opportunity

Get to know Wulff as a portfolio company through our key figures, annual report and stock exchange releases, and read more about our Group's management and corporate governance.

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Important notice for our partners

Wulff's corporate structure gets simplified

Starting from 1st of June, Wulff Solutions Oy, Wulff Finland Oy and Wulff Oy Ab will merge into a single company, Wulff Oy Ab. The new business ID of the company will be 1717232-7.
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What our clients say

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Contract clients

Cleaning work is done by people, and it really matters which products they use on the job. To be of good value, these products must always be available and their quality and characteristics must serve the target purpose. It is important that the supplier has skills and know-how that can be trusted. We are really satisfied with Wulff as our partner.


Tiina PaussoiHead of Cleaning Services, Deaconess Foundation

Contract clients

We are very pleased that the people at Wulff always look out for us, for example advising us which products we could offer in the workplace MiniBars. It’s great to have a partner that gives good advice in these times we are living in.


Teea SyrjäläFacilities Manager, Fennia

Contract clients

The most important thing for us in workplace products is their quality and availability, as well as expedited delivery for unexpected needs. In addition to products, Wulff provides us information on new products and our business operation.



Marjut KariInterior Coordinator, Hartela

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