Wulff Group Plc: Share repurchase 2.6.2020

Helsinki Stock Exchange

Trade date 02/06/2020
Bourse trade BUY
Share WUF1V
Amount 4 941 Shares
Average price / share 1,4964 EUR
Total Cost 7 393,84 EUR
Wulff Group Plc now holds a total of  113 312 Shares
including the shares repurchased on 02/06/2020
On behalf of Wulff Group Plc:
Lago Kapital Ltd
Jarkko Järvitalo        Jani Koskell
Additional information:
CEO Elina Pienimäki
tel. +358 40 647 1444
email: elina.pienimaki@wulff.fi

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