Clean air, cleaner facility

Powerful and effective AeraMax air purifiers now from Wulff Naxor!

Did you now that indoor air is five times more contaminated than the air outdoors? Everywhere in indoor air there are countless amounts of small particles, bacteria, viruses, dandruff, dust, and pollen that can cause serious indoor air problems. Indoor air contaminants cause headaches, difficulties in concentrating, fatigue, and irritation in the nose and throat, and sick leaves. Bad indoor air can also leave you feeling tired and indolent.

You can now buy the powerful and effective AeraMax Professional air purifiers from Wulff! The air purifiers combine stylish design and high-performance air purification. Due to the agreement between Wulff Naxor and Fellowes, Wulff’s range of products now consists of quality air purifiers for spaces of all sizes.

We spend almost 90 % of our time indoors, so indoor air quality has a huge impact on our health and work capacity. AeraMax Professional air purifiers clean the air effectively: the air purifier removes as much as 99,97 % of the indoor air contaminants, including bacteria, viruses, chemicals, pollen, and dust particles. Cleaner indoor air improves our concentration ability substantially and we are more alert and can think better, and we stay healthier.

Want more information about the AeraMax Professional products? Please contact our Sales Manager Thomas Hudd tel. +358 40 554 0230 or You can also check out the product range from our brochure.

Open the AeraMax Professional air purifiers brochure (in Finnish)

Authorized by Fellowes, Wulff Naxor is the official retailer of AeraMax Professional air purifiers in Finland. In Scandinavia, AeraMax air purifiers are sold by Wulff Beltton.